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AKKARTAL SAĞLIK VE İLAÇ A.Ş. company, takes its place within the Akkartal Group as an organization that carries out R&D studies and deals with domestic and international marketing and sales of products and devices in the field of health.The disinfection system, which was developed thanks to the R&D studies of our company engineers is in the patenting stage; It has achieved great success by destroying different bacteria, fungus and viruses, including Corona Virus at a rate of 99.999%.This device, placed in a room with or without air conditioning, disinfects the air, taken from outside with an UV lamp and gives the air back to the room after enriching it with Hypochlorosis, became a highly effective air disinfection system for indoor areas. The effectiveness of the device, that uses the air, disinfected with UV-C lamp, and enriches it with HYPOCHLOROSIS, which is 100% natural and has no negative effects on the environment and human health, was proved by laboratory tests against COVID 19. Hypochlorosis, given by the device, is the only disinfectant effective against many viruses, bacteria and fungus that can be used on human. Because human's leukocytes also produce Hypochlorosis against viruses and bacteria as a defense system. In addition to the product used in the air conditioning ducts of the buildings, the model used in non-air-conditioned environments and public transport vehicles is also available.

99.99% Success in eliminating the corona virus